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Ars longa, vita brevis.  Translated from the Latin, this phrase succinctly states the theme for this page.  "Art is long, life is short."  Having been sick for so many years, I find comfort in art.  I know that if I create something it is permanent, whereas if I just sit around existing, my presence on earth is merely fleeting.  Art takes my mind out of the situation in which I find myself, and carries me away to a land filled not with technicolor, but by watercolor.  The ground is covered with quilted squares, the trees are made from paper mache, the stars are glittery sequins, and the houses are made from tag board.  Anything and everything can be decorated with the help of scissors and a hot glue gun.

From a very small age, my "art" was encouraged and cultivated.  However, as I grew older, paint pens and glitter glue were substituted with Cross pens and White-Out.  I shed my skin of paint and feathers for the world of books and letters.  But like the phoenix, I rose from my own ashes, and embraced the world of Art that I had long forgotten, that is until I had nothing but time to focus on Art.  So, in an attempt to create permanence, I have taken up the watercolor pencil, paintbrush, needle, camera, and pen once again.  It is my hope that my ephemera will bring an air of permanence and tranquility to the fast-paced world of today.

As you view my attempts at Art, please take the time to enjoy the creation as well as appreciate the inspiration which it has brought to my own life.
Handheld Mirror with an excerpt from "The Mirror" by Sylvia Plath - mixed media via Microsoft Publisher

FibroGraces - sketched with pencil

Hand over Knee - sketched with Pencil
Lilith - sketched with pencil

Feminine Hamsa with Hoshen Artist Trading Card - watercolor pencil
Heart to Heart (obverse) - mixed media 

Heart to Heart (reverse) - black ink, fine point
Identity Artist Trading Card (obverse) - mixed media
Identity Artist Trading Card (reverse) - paper art, mixed media
Joyful Adoration ATC - mixed media
Bouquet - pencil

Golden Slumbers - pencil

Lilies - pencil

Renaissance Man - pencil
Strumming My Pain - pencil

Going digital is a very foreign idea to me.  I love the texture of paper, the smell of ink, even the sound that an eraser makes as it rubs canvas, erasing all of the smudges that I make as I create transfer the images in my head to a more pleasing medium.  There are no mistakes when it comes to art.  Creating this website was a test of my technical acumen, and as successful as it may seem, I still need to push the boundaries of my imagination.  In art, there should be no boundaries.  So, with the advice of some lovely ladies at Milliande Art Community for Women, I have joined the world of digital art.  First, I merely dabbled in Microsoft Paint.  Now I have downloaded GIMP 2.0 (along with a plethora of images in the public domain) so that I may expand my artistic universe through digital collage.  Here are the beginnings of what I hope to be a beautiful collection of collages.

Antiqued Loves - digital collage
Bella in Orange - digital collage

Geisha in Red - digital collage

Jungle Jane -digital collage
Juno in Thought - digital collage

Kindred Spirit - digital collage

Pink Lady - digital collage

Secret Mourning - digital collage

To the Fairest - digital collage

Venus in Chambers - digital collage

Recently, my art has taken a turn toward the more tangible side of digital art.  After winning a giveaway at www.thismuseofmine.blogspot.com, I have been dabbling with digital scrapbooking.  This allows me to delve into the world of mixed media and my muse simply cannot get enough of it.  The lovely folks at www.mymemories.com host a plethora of giveaways and contests each week.  Hopefully, I can rise to the challenge every Wednesday and share a bit of my photography, my artistic style, and tons of memories that will one day be compiled for posterity.  For now... the World Wide Web will have to do.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011  Theme: "You've Been Framed"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Theme: "Text Wrap Challenge"